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     Maceió, December  16th ,  2003


     Dear  Mother Prioress


                                  May the Holy Trinity bless you as well as all of your Carmel.

                                  Let me introduce myself : I am  Monseigneur  Pedro Teixeira Cavalcante, Vicar-General of Maceió’s Archdiocese in Brazil. I also work in our Major Provincial Seminary and I am the Parson of the “Paróquia do Divino Espírito Santo” ( Parish of the Divine Holy Spirit ) and on the “ Santuário da Virgem dos Pobres” (  Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Poor People ). Likewise, I have been preaching at many spiritual retreats all over Brazil, specially in Carmel’s Monasteries. I have already published 5 books about St. Therese of Child Jesus.

                              Since my first years as a young Priest, I have been dreaming to build a Carmelite Convent in my hometown, Maceió, State of Alagoas  in the Northeast of Brazil. For many years I saved money in this intent, but, unfortunately, I was robbed and I lost everything, so I  started the job all over again and, at last, six years ago, I was able to acquire a piece of land for the future Carmel . Since then, I have struggled to prepare the place where the Convent will be  built.

                            Finally, on November 4th of the current year, the foundation stone was placed, in the presence of three Bishops anf four Carmelites Sisters. The architectonic project is ready as well as the budget calculation and, now,  we are trying to begin the construction. Although I have the total support of the Archbishop and the clergy of my Archdiocese, I am alone in the effort of acquiring the needed funds for this undertaking. I don’t have any properties or money, neither the help of any Private Enterprise, besides in our community the majority of the people are very humble.

                          For this reason, I am writing this letter to you, hoping that you will be able somehow to help us. If you do so, you can send your assistance by a check to :


( Nonprofit Association Maceio’s Carmel ), or to myself and, as soon as I receive your aid, I will give you a feedback .You can find out more about me  through the  Internet Site :


On behalf of my Community and myself, would like to thank you in advance.

                       May the Virgin Mary extends her protective mantle and that St Therese of Lisieux rains showers of roses over you and your Carmel.


      Hoping to hear from you soon.  Pray, please, for me, for my Community and for our futur Carmel.

In Jesus and Mary,


Monseigneur Pedro Teixeira Cavalcante


Mons. Pedro Teixeira Cavalcante

Rua Durval Guimarães, 927 Ponta Verde 57035-060

Maceió  - AL





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